ETP "TransTrade"

  • Electronic trading platform " TransTrade " is created with the purpose of organization and implementation of sales and purchases between customers and suppliers from Arab countries, Iran, Turkey, North Africa, Russia and CIS countries.

  • It is a unique and reliable centre of information exchange on current transactions, tenders and purchases for importers wishing to purchase Russian goods and goods from countries of CIS at competitive prices from verified suppliers and for exporters of Russia and CIS countries striving for entering the Eastern markets.

  • Today Electronic trading platform " TransTrade " is a reliable link and conductor-organizer between manufacturers and suppliers, on the one hand, and customers of goods and services, on the other.

  • Constantly updated database of importers and exporters allows bidders to get the best proposals to achieve their goals.

  • ETP " TransTrade " allows its participants to keep up with latest news regarding relations between East countries, Iran, Turkey and North Africa with Russia and CIS countries.

  • We provide access to verified information and reliable assistance at all stages of your work on ETP!