Priority package

Priority package for Participant of ETP «TransTrade»


  • expanded database of Suppliers and Customers (detailed contact information of responsible persons);
  • new proposals and orders that occur in the field of the Participant (auto notifications);
  • investment projects and contacts of investment companies;
  • detailed information on orders and proposals on ETP.


  • to publish the purchases on ETP with no limit on the number of procedures;
  • to view and post the catalogues of products and services of Suppliers in 3 languages;
  • to place information about the company (organization) of the Participant;
  • to publish investment projects;
  • all participants who obtain "Priority package" will be accredited and get the status of verified Customer or Supplier. Accordingly, on the accession of the new approved member information will be sent by e-mail to all foreign customers, containing a brief description of the activity, products or services of the new verified members.


  • help with using ETP, bidding, publishing new orders or proposals, posting the catalogues of products/services;
  • advice on export transactions: calculation of optimal delivery routes and customs fees;
  • professional complex support of Participants in export/import transactions in Russian, English and Arabic (other languages will be soon added);
  • legal, financial, technical consulting.


To get the full listed benefits of "Priority package", participation in trades and purchase procedures (without limits):
  • Tariff No. 1 - 3-months – 300 USD *
  • Tariff No. 2 - 12 months - 1000 USD *
* Participant, acting as "Customer" (placing the purchasing deals on ETP only), gets the benefits of "Priority package" for FREE.